Our Story

TopBlood establish in 2019, is a proud Round Rock, Texas-based laboratory diagnostics company with a focus on providing online access to standard, preventive, molecular, genomic and pharmacogenomic testing services by simplifying access to cutting-edge human diagnostic technology and creating a seamless ordering experience without a need to travel long distances for lab testing or the requirement of a doctor’s order or to have a medical insurance. 

TopBlood not only helps the local community with affordable lab testing but also nationally. We have partnered nationally with more than 2500 labs to make the standard lab testing ubiquitously accessible and reasonably affordable.

Our goal is to make human diagnostics more accessible and personalized so that the process can empower individuals to take control of their health and live a medically informed life. We have made high complexity infectious disease and pharmacogenomic testing products available in the form of ready-to-ship kits direct to the consumer.

Our testing process is approved by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and validated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We use Health and Human Services (HHS) compliant reference laboratory settings and approved laboratory diagnostic protocols to provide results of exceptional quality and integrity. 

The kit-based tests use a non-invasive and non-blood methods to reform highly accurate diagnostics to understand the underlying causes of the disease, drug resistance, pharmacogenomic and drug-gene interaction facts. 

Our high complexity procedures for infectious diseases and drug-gene tests are reimbursable by the Medicare, Medicaid and some national private health insurance. Both specialist and general medicine providers can write orders for their patients for these tests and TopBlood will ship the test kits to patient's home and send the results directly to the provider.

Our direct-to-consumer testing offers a convenient way to invest in a healthy life style while making conscious and proactive decisions to escape unwanted effects of today’s healthcare environment.