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Molecular Diagnostic Test for Wound Infections

This swab based molecular diagnostics test determines the cause of wound infections by identifying 20+ viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This test identifies following pathogens with high accuracy (100%), sensitivity (>98%), and specificity (>99%):

☐ Acinetobacter baumannii

☐ Bacteroides spp

☐ Citrobacter freundii

☐ Enterobacter aerogenes

☐ Enterobacter cloacae

☐ Enterococcus faecalis

☐ Enterococcus faecium

☐ Escherichia coli

☐ Klebsiella oxytoca

☐ Klebsiella pneumoniae

☐ Morganella morganii

☐ Proteus mirabilis

☐ Proteus vulgaris

☐ Pseudomonas aeruginosa

☐ Staphylococcus aureus

☐ Streptococcus pyogenes

☐ Clostridium novyi

☐ Clostridium septicum

☐ Clostridium perfringens

☐ KIingella kingae

Results: Test results will be made available within two days of arrival at the lab.

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