Why Perform Lab Testing?

Laboratory testing is a common practice when it comes to knowing your vital parameters like complete blood count, lipid and metabolic panels, inflammatory markers, or infection check. Laboratory testing can be used for preventive diagnostics purposes as well. Insurance companies pay once or twice a year for the regular blood work and the doctor orders an additional test only when someone is already sick. Preventive diagnostics can put health in your own hands, provide you the information to stay healthy, and give you the power to define how you live. Our environment at home and workplace, paternal and maternal genetics, encounters with people carrying infections, food and stuff that we consume on a daily basis, and the type of lifestyles that we live dictates the functioning of our whole body, our internal organs, tissues, physiological and metabolic systems as well as the genes and proteins that regulate our vital functions of the body. By utilizing tools of modern blood diagnostics, we can proactively investigate any irregular functions in our body and save ourselves a fortune. By being proactive and looking for preventive options, we can save future healthcare expenses, stay fit, and live a healthy life.

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